About me

This site is my hub of social media interaction, with daily updates through the blog as I try to boost my triathlon performance through good planning, great exercises and already accumulated knowledge from several years as a professional athlete.

I am a graduate with a Master of Science in International Business Management with an intense interest in physical activity. I have focused most of my life on volleyball and have through many years of hard work and dedication acquired knowledge about how to be the best athlete possible. This knowledge is not a secret, and I would love to share all that I know with you here.

Since I moved away from home, and I was lucky enough to borrow my father's digital camera with me to Tromsø, I have been fond of photography. I have done small jobs as a photographer and enjoy the process of creating something special and unique. This blog, and especially instagram, gives me a lot of motivation to let the creative juices flow so that I can create photos and content that people can get joy or motivation out of.

Follow me on Instagram (@triathlonlars) for daily snapshots, YouTube for videos, and Strava and Garmin for a more detailed view of my workouts.