Training Tips - Educate yourself

I'm am very knowledgeable about how to play volleyball, and I know things about how to behave as an athlete. But being a triathlete is something I'm still figuring out. I might fumble in the dark a little bit, and although I usually like to approach many of my projects in that way, I realize that in such a vast subject, with three different sports, fumbling for the truth is just a dead end. I need extra information.

So I went out and bought a book. The book is called TRI, written by Torbjørn Sindballe, the only Danish ponium finisher in Ironman Hawaii. He is also educated in sports science and gives a very good explanation of how to approach training when doing triathlons. I base all my training on this book, and credit all my progress so far (since the 1st of October) to the philosophy of this book. Every single training session I do has a purpose. Before this book I usually decided in the moment what and when to train. Now I have a plan, I take notes, and by educating myself I've learned to train better.

This book is sadly not available in other languages than Danish. So I recommend that you search after a book in your language and begin to educate yourself. If you don't have time and need quick tips, then I'll be starting to write them on this blog.