End of week 47

Friday: My swimming session on Friday was very similar to the session I had on Monday. Four ten minute intervals, with just a couple of minutes break in between. The difference though was that I managed to keep the pace during the last intervals (apart from when I got cramps). I seem to be doing something right at times, and I notice a rapid increase in pace at times. That that is though is a mystery to me. I'm not that knowledgeable about swimming, so I need to educate myself more before swimming again..

Running at Fyns Hoved on Tuesday. Nikon D200

Saturday and Sunday: This weekend turned into a social weekend rather than a sports weekend. Sometimes I just need that. My plan was to train yesterday, but I couldn't get myself to do it. I'm ashamed, sad and angry at myself for skipping the day, but I was also very tired after many days of training in a row.

Summary: I am very happy with the load of work I have done this week. It hasn't been too much, but it's a step up from what I have been doing the last four weeks. My motivation is at a high right now, and I think that once I do some tests to check where my form is, I'll be even more motivated to continue. The interval session I'll have this week should be a prime opportunity for this. It's located a place where I can easily compare how far I run per interval to what I have run before.