Ups in swimming

Happy and done with my swimming session. iPhone 6

My training session yesterday was filled with a lot of emotion. I went to swim at the local swimming pool in the middle of the city and got to know when I was in the shower that few people were swimming fast today. Swimming when the pool is open to the public is an experience in itself, but I was lucky yesterday. I was happy about that.

I got in the pool and immediately noticed that something was different. It felt like I was gliding. My usual way of training is to swim intervals of about 500 meters, but once I got more speed I figured I should just stick to a time limit of 10 minutes and continue from there. Normally I swim about 525-50 in that time, but I could just see on the lap times yesterday that I was going to improve. I was happy about that.

Length in every stroke is something I have seen one instagram trainer talk about in a video, and I think this was why I glided so well yesterday. I also managed to hold almost the same speed the entire session. I was happy about that.

After a while of swimming with one person (this nice Iranian who goes to the swimming pool every day to swim 100 laps) I got the fast lane for myself. I was happy about that.

A blurry image of the guy who destroyed me yesterday. GoPro Hero Session 4

Then this other guy with a yellow swimming cap comes and starts swimming 50 and 100 meter intervals, and he crushes me! He pushed me to swim as fast as I could in order to keep him at a distance. I got windy at the end. I was happy about that.

On the last lap as I was struggling, and I got a cramp. I lost my momentum. I shouted at myself underwater to continue, but he was gaining too fast. It hurt. I was not happy about that.

But overall I am very happy with the training session yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to swim like that again, because it was so much fun!