Morning cycle time, then volleyball

Me at the end of the long bike trip last week. GoPro Hero Sessions 4

I've felt a little tired lately, which has made me take some days off. I think the reason is my latest fondness for tempo training, which is a very hard type of exercise for my body. After those sessions I need time to recuperate, but I think that time has passed and I'm ready to get back out there.

This morning I'm going to Fitness World to bike for a couple of hours. These type of trainings aren't hard on the muscles, but rather hard on the mind. I usually bring an audiobook to the endurance sessions, just to have something to listen to. Today though will be an interesting day, as my headphones have started acting up. I must say that as a runner I understand Apple's decision to cancel the headphone jack, as this is the 10th time this is happening to my headphones. Running without wires is better anyways. So maybe on top of my wishlist for christmas this year are some nice bluetooth training headphones.

After my trip to the gym I'll be going to a beach volleyball tournament where many of my friends will be playing. The rest of the day will be volleyball with volleyball friends and a planned christmas lunch with the guys. So this day is packed to the rim and I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun!