Things you should know if you want to swim fast in a public swimming pool

The start Monday was supposed to be a good morning. I was scheduled to give blood at 12am, so I decided to go early to the swimming pool to get my interval workout done. Apparently giving a lot of blood can make you tired, so I had the rest of the day filled with boring things, like laundry.

My hopes were high after the epic swimming session I had last week, but once I got in the pool, I soon realised this was not the time to swim fast. The swimming pool was full to the brim with people.

I tried to swim regardless, but ended the swim at a mere 1000 meters in frustration. During the swim I got the idea for this article.

Pensioners are the most important customers.

Who are the most loyal customers at the public pool? Well, that has to be the pensioners. They are there in numbers every day, all day, enjoying the status quo, swimming a little bit, talking a lot, using the spa area between the swimming sessions and then enjoying a nice long sauna session at the end before going home.
I get it, I want to do the same thing when I retire. These guests needs to be the focal point of the staff, because they are there in such great numbers. I wouldn't be surprised if these seniors are the sole reason why the swimming pools can survive.

This means that the logistics in the pool are made to take care of the vast number of slow swimmers. One lane is reserved for the fast swimmers at my swimming pool, which is clearly not enough. But the space around it is occupied by a larger amount of people, so there is nothing that can be done.

People who are slow think they are fast.

I don't know how the thought process of these people are, but I imagine that it is something like this: "I'm have to be fast, cause I swim past a so many of the seniors." Swimming past the seniors in one of the seven lanes is bound to happen as long as you know how to swim normally. This does not mean that you are fast enough to swim in the only fast lane available.  

There is bound to be better swimmers though, and you'll need to have a objective view when looking at your own skill vs. other people in the pool. If I would end up being a pain in the butt to other people who swim faster I would choose a different lane.

If you want to swim fast, join a swimming club.

That being said, as long as you don't swim at the times when it is less busy you'll have no chance of swimming fast in a public pool. Join a swimming club, triathlon club or something similar, or just start swimming in the open water. Those are the only way for you to actually get an environment where you'll be able to swim fast without interruptions.