First real test run!

I made a test track in the start of January to begin tracking my progress throughout the year. My first run of the test track was of course completely awful, making it easy to set a new PR when I decide to test my speed.

It was really cold yesterday, and the problem with below zero (celsius) weather is that the roads in the park always freeze and turn into solid ice. Running on ice isn't necessarily that fun, especially if you want to run fast. It wasn't a big problem though, but I probably lost a couple of seconds because of it.

Once you repeat a route on strava it will automatically be paired and compared with your previous time.

After three months with a decent training regime I realise that my body adjusts to the way I'm training. Mostly I train longer distance, slow running, cycling and swimming, and this results in me running slower on the short races. I have been in a better shape before for fast running, but never in January. The foundation I have to build on now is much greater than I have had before, and if I can keep this up I'll be a lot faster when summer comes.

Even though I'm not thrilled about the speed I had, I still managed to completely destroy my last record with three minutes. Potentially I should be able to get even further down once I start pushing myself more. My max heart rate was only 179bpm, ten-ish beats less than how far I should be able to push myself in a race.

Next test run will probably be in February. Follow the blog to see how that one goes.