My best pictures of 2016

In October I started uploading daily to Instagram. In this time I have accumulated lots of photos that I am very proud of, some of me running and doing an activity and some of nature. Every time I’m out training I try to bring a camera in order to get good shots that can shot what I'm experiencing. Here are what I think are my best shots of 2016.

I would recommend watching these images in full resolution if possible.

This is my favorite picture of 2016. It’s currently residing on my desktop as my wallpaper and really reminds me of the default Windows XP wallpaper back in the day, but taken in a harsher environment. Looking closer at the image it’s clear that the harsh winds contribute to how the trees and grass behaves. Everything is angled further away from the water the closer you get to it. The shot is from the Fyns Hoved, a cycling trip I did before it got cold. Nikon D200.

One of my favorite sports shots from 2016 have to be the shot my mom took of my dad and I clearing snow from the road this Christmas. Not only was it fun to have them with me when creating it, but the fact that we got such a great sunset, when the weather the rest of the holiday was so horrible, was incredibly lucky and made the shot a lot better. Nikon D200.

My probably most liked shot on Instagram was this beauty taken with the GoPro underwater. The shutter lag of the GoPro made this shot possible as I could move after pressing the shutter. The lighting in the pool was magnificent that day, and I have never really been able to replicate the colors and lighting of this shot. GoPro Hero 4 Sessions.

Although I love this picture on the basis of that tree being awesome, I wish I could have taken it one more time in order to compose it better. Running with a camera can be difficult, especially if you get to a nice scene and you're not sure how to frame the image. This is what happened here. i took three shots, but never really had time to find the perfect spot for an ultimate composition. It's still one of my favorite pictures of 2016 though. Nikon D200.

Early mornings on the train station always have a special mood to them. People are cold, the soft lights illuminating scarcely their surroundings and the rumble of trains everywhere all remind me of when it's time to travel. This is what I tried to capture in this scene. Nikon D200.

This is my favorite running picture taken in 2016. It was not taken by me, but as a collaboration between me and my girlfriend. I love the framing, focus, symmetry and colors of this shot. It was also the first time she used my big DSLR, so the results could have been horrendous. Luckily she seems to have the gift for taking awesome shots. Nikon D200.