First impressions: Diadora Mythos Racer Evo

First impressions: Diadora Mythos Racer Evo

Diadora Mythos Racer Evo

First impressions on the Diadora racer.

I got these shoes a couple of weeks ago, but haven't been able to try them out until yesterday and thought I should share my first impressions on how the shoe performed on my first run.

Race shoes are sort of a blank area for me, which is why I'm diving too deeply into the running dynamics of the shoe, but rather how they fit and what they feel like. I have a very average foot, and if you have a wide or thin feet you should take that into consideration when looking at my reviews.

The Fit

It's not great when a shoe needs to be tightened this much to be able to fit on my foot. I usually don't have issues with any shoes sticking to my feet, but had big problems making heel not slip. If you have a tall midfoot and forefoot this shoe might fit you better, but it doesn't fit me nearly as well as the New Balance 1400 and 1500, the Saucony Kinvara or the Mizuno Hitogami.
That the fit was so bad was not a surprise though, as it is an issue with Diadora running shoes. I know they have already taken care of it on their next version of the Diadora Mythos Blueshield, so I'm looking forward to trying them out when they arrive. If they have fixed the issue on the Evo 2 is something I don't know though.

The Feeling

I immediately understand why somebody would run with lighter and firmer shoes during a race. My run yesterday was short, but I have already made up my mind about a few key aspects. It performs well in firmness and I feel like I am in contact with the ground, but the poor fit also contributes to worse responsiveness than I get from my heavier Mizuno Riders.


Ultimately I will continue to use them and try them out for the shorter interval trainings I have. They will definitely give me more speed, as it felt natural to run fast in them, but they are also a type of shoe I'm not used to running with, so I'll need to be careful not to injure myself.
Usually a shoe needs to be run 7-10 times before it is perfectly moulded to your foot so I'll be back then with a more comprehensive first look.

Do you have any shoes you wish for me to review?