First impressions: New Balance Vazee Summit v2

First impressions: New Balance Vazee Summit v2

It's not always easy figuring out what to write about a shoe after just a couple of kilometers. I have only had one short run in my new New Balance Vazee Summit v2, but have no problem sharing some first impressions on the shoe.

The New Balance Vazee Summit is the trail shoe in the lightweight Vazee line, constructed with a Rev Lite sole for great responsiveness.

The fit

The fit of the Summit is like other trail shoes, it fits snugly around the midfoot and heel. It feels great on my foot and I would still be able to recommend it to a person with a little wider foot than I have.
I noticed a small annoyance on my right foot with my toe hitting the front/side, bruising my toe a bit. This needs to be checked out to see if I need to tighten the shoe better around the midfoot.
Compared to other New Balance shoes I had to go up half a size to be able to fit this shoe, which surprises me a bit. Together with the fit being a bit narrow I would strongly recommend trying on the shoe first to check both the width and length of the shoe before buying.

The stability

It's is a neutral shoe ment for running on trails and rough terrain. Compared to other long distance shoes from New Balance, the heel cup is less firm and lower. This will reduce the stability, but the tighter fit again will compensate the lack of a heavy heel cup,resulting in a fairly secure fit that help stabilize my weaker ankles.

The feel

This is probably the most important aspect of today's test. I used about 10 seconds running in this shoe before I realized that it was very fast and responsive, which makes a lot of sense. The foam used in this shoe is the Rev Lite foam, also used in the 1400 and 1500, both used heavily by our team runners during races this season. The firm sole gives excellent contact with the ground, and makes running fast feel very natural.


I came in the door with a huge smile on my face after trying out this shoe. If I can solve the space issues in my right foot I will be using it on a 15k cross run next weekend. I can't wait to try it out more and to give a proper review of it at a later date!