Shoe Awards 2017: Best Surprise

I've tried many running shoes this year, more shoes than I have tried in the last ten years combined, and it has given me a much deeper understanding of how shoes work.
My talks with the different running companies Mizuno, Saucony and New Balance has increased my insight into how each running company follows a set path, or a vision, towards what they think is the best running shoe.

These different perceptions of a perfect running shoe are what makes the diverse market so great. But sometimes, even though you've tried it all you'll end up surprised at how well a shoe performs. This award goes to the shoe that surprised me the most.

Shoes I've tried this season

  • Saucony Guide 10
  • Saucony Hurricane ISO3
  • New Balance 1080 v7
  • New Balance Vazee Summit 2
  • Mizuno Paradox
  • Mizuno Horizon
  • Mizuno Rider 20
  • Mizuno Inspire 13
  • Diadora Mythos BlueShield
  • Diadora Mythos Racer Evo
  • Topo Fli-Lyte 2

Winner - New Balance Vazee Summit 2

No other shoe has made me smile as much as this one did on my first run with it. Considering it's a trail shoe I would not have believed that it feels so much like a performing racing shoe. This is of course because it's based on the hugely successful New Balance 1400 with its very responsive Rev Lite sole. 

It's not my most used shoe of the year, not even close, but it is definitely a shoe I'm bringing home to Norway for Christmas, just in case the roads get slippery or I need a quicker shoe in order to beat my brothers up the next hill.

My longest run with this shoe was Himmelbjergløbet 2017, a trail race that I ran and filmed in October. During this run, I really got to see how well it performed, as people were falling all around me on the slippery trails, and I didn't even feel challenged to stay on my feet. 

Have you tried the Summit 2? How did you like it? And do you have any questions on any of the other shoes I have tried? Comment, DM or mail me and I'll of course try to answer you back as soon as possible.

Honorable mention

As a runner up I would also like to mention the Topo Fli-Lyte 2, a shoe that I had a hard time running in at first, but as I started to get used to the low heel drop is has grown on me so much that I have troubles not using it every day.

    Fli-lyte 2 in action