First impression New Balance 1080

First impression New Balance 1080
Image Source:  New Balance

Image Source: New Balance

A week ago I got a pair of New Balance to try out. I have never really tried New Balance shoes before, and were curious to examine them and make up my own opinion about how they feel on my feet.

I know more than anybody now that feet are different, and that when people try shoes they have completely different opinions about the same exact model. These opinions are solely mine, and are based on how the shoes fit on my feet.

At first when I put my feet in them I was divided in my opinion. I had just had on some Diadora shoes, and the Diadora shoes had a lot more room around the toes. What I have later figured out is that the 1080 is not as tall in the front as the Diadora, but it is at least as wide.
I like the wideness of the 1080, and I also like that it doesn't give the toes too much vertical space to play around in.

Walking in them at work has been a breeze, so I was looking forward to my first run with them this morning. It was a short run, but it still gave me some answers.

Compared to the Mizuno Rider, I must admit that the 1080 doesn't fit as well on my midfoot and heel. It seems like it wants to hold on, but lacks the strength to do so. Overall I'm happy about the shoe so far, but right now it is still not something I would choose for a race, as it doesn't secure my foot properly.

I would much rather want this shoe on the longer and slower runs, as the sole feels super comfortable. More testing will need to be done though, and my conclusion isn't final.