Road To Nice #5 - Epic fail at the swimming pool

Yesterday was my first day in my 32-week IRONMAN project. I have tried my best to get ready for the start and it wasn’t long until I would get my first real smack in the face.

I started out the day with a 2.5-hour bike ride from Odense to Vissenbjerg, stopping for a short while to enjoy the view, before finishing the rest of the bike session to Ejby.

Once I arrived, I changed into some running shoes and went for a 25-minute run around the city. Afterward, it was time for a shower, some coffee and loads of food. I felt tired and very full.

My day wasn’t over yet though. After a short train ride home I went straight to the swimming pool for a session with the local triathlon club. This is when everything started going south.

I’m okay, but not great, at swimming, and I quickly realized that I had to move up a couple of lanes to be with some faster swimmers. Once I got there though I realized that my feet were so tired from the day that any sudden movement could trigger cramps, especially in both my foot arches.

This meant I had to swim without pushing off with my legs and generally never really strain my body at all. I could handle it for a while, catching up during the swim and then losing ground every time they kicked off. But it didn’t take too long until It ended in a miserable failure, with 1200 meters completed and cramps in both my feet at the end.

GPTempDownload 24-5.jpg

I hate losing!!! This really gets to me. Being as good as possible at practice is ingrained in me as a person, and it really bothers me when I suck. This meant I couldn’t sleep last night and once I did, all I could dream about was bad swimming and cramps. These things really get to me and make me extremely motivated train even harder in order to make my body more prepared for the future.

Yesterday was called Maniac Monday for a reason and my body couldn't handle it the way I had envisions it. Maniac Monday is canceled for a while until I get better and stronger. Until then I’ll have to swim on Tuesdays, which usually is my recovery day because of long work hours. That sucks... See you when I get stronger!

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