2018 Wrap Up - Best photos of the first quarter

2018 has given me a bunch of memories and good shots on the way. Here are the first part of a four part series showing the best pictures and experiences from 2018.

Running in Odense

Last winter was a good running winter for my part. The days of January was just figuring as a countdown to an amazing vacation in Australia, and that made it easy to get motivated for the cold and dark runs.
The picture was taken one early cold morning during a run down the river. This part of Odense is lit up and nice, but further down the river it’s much harder to run when it’s dark. I do wish that Denmark makes the choice of lighting up more paths in the future, especially now that they are ramping up the effort to produce clean energy. Running in the winter just becomes more fun if there are more places to run.

Running into Australia

We went to Australia in February and was soon impressed by the country’s beauty. Quickly after we got our camper van, we started driving south-west from Melbourne towards the Great Ocean Road. Once we got to the Memorial Arch at Eastern View we found this wonderful beach that mirrored the fabulous blue sky. A great place for pictures.

I’m totally in love with how this shot turned out. Amalie was the photographer and the picture really reflects how beautiful I thought this beach was. It was the kickstart to our vacation and a perfect way to start off our drive down The Great Ocean Road, a drive that would become very memorable.

Getting engaged at the Twelve Apostles

It had originally been my plan to propose on Tasmania and the planned Cape Hauy hike. But plans change and The Twelve Apostles became the perfect spot for the biggest surprise I have ever planned.

The night before I had called back home to Denmark to ask Amalie’s dad for permission to marry his daughter and as I got a yes from him, everything was set into motion in order to get a yes from her.
And what a day we had. Waking up surrounded by Koalas, spending time at Apollo Bay and then driving to the Twelve Apostles for some epic scenery before ending up at this wonderful little city called Port Campbell for the night.

The wedding is getting closer now and we just can’t wait for February!

Hiking to Cape Hauy

Now this was, as mentioned earlier, the place I had planned to propose to Amalie. But because of the amount of people I didn’t know planning to join us on the hike I chickened out. This was one of the most scenic hikes we did in Australia and definite must for people visiting Hobart and Tasmania. After the hike we ended up on a white sand beach and had a BBQ, a perfect day in my opinion.

Cape Hauy has been on my list of places to go for as long as I have liked climbing. The Totem Pole, a famous climbing spot is located just below the end of point of the hike, and we actually got to see a couple of climbers finishing off their climb.

BBQ with the best view

This view looks too good to be true. It is real though! The picture is taken from a buddys apartment in Sydney after he showed us around the city and took us on a hike around Manly.
A fantastic day in the city was finished with a magnificent BBQ at this spot while the sun was setting and the lights of the city lit up the skyline. What a great way to end an epic month in Australia.