40 hours - One Party and Two Amazing Runs

My weekend trip back home to Norway was done in a very short amount of time. I actually only spen about 40 hours back home until I had to travel back to Odense again. It was my goal to get as much out of that time as humanly possible.


Ruggå trail

We got there late at night, and that meant we just had to head straight to bed after meeting and catching up with my family.
The next morning it was time to run. My brother KO came and we went running towards Ruggå. Ruggå is a boulder located very nicely on a scenic viewpoint above a valley, it is placed in such a way that you can push it and it will rock back and worth.

Running on these kinds of trails was a perfect way for me to use my New Balance Summit trail shoes again. I simply love those shoes so much.

The New Balance Summit 2 was my "biggest surprise" winner last year. 

The run went further west on some of the most fun trails to run on and down towards a neighbour farm and back towards our parents house again. This is probably not the most scenic run possible back home, but it's definitely one of the funner ones, because of the awesome trails in the woods.

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Then it was time to put on the suit and celebrate my niece's confirmation. The rest of the day and evening was therefore filled up with, church, food, speeches, and lovely people. The following morning everybody started leaving again, and to be able to run and still have time with the family I decided to get up at 5 in the morning for another run before I had to leave.

Nysetra mountain farm

Getting up that early was immensely difficult, but once I was out I soon forgot how tired I was. The route I ran that morning is part of a mountain climbing race called "Mefjellet Opp," a 7k race with 1100 meters of altitude change. I only ran one-third of the course and climbed approximately 355 meters. 

I had a very nice and easy start from home, but only for about 500 meters. Once I took a left onto a mountain road it instantly got a lot steeper, it averages somewhere between 15% and 20% incline and is brutal for someone who only runs flat races in Denmark. And it doesn't get faltter until you reach the mountain farm.

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But it was well worth it! The view from the Nysetra mountain farm is absolutely spectacular and probably the best in the entire world (based on my very non-biased opinion). After having enjoyed the silence of nature for about 15 minutes I started to get cold and decided it was best to run back down for a morning coffee.

A shower and a coffee later and my family started leaving, and it was soon time for Amalie and me to leave as well. I had such a great time in the 40 hours back home and I can't wait to get back there this summer. Hopefully I'll be able to show you guys even more of my beautiful backyard.