Top ten pictures this summer

I have experienced a lot the last three months, but I haven't been too good at conveying my stories to you. These are my top ten pictures from this summer.

Racing the sun

After work I decided to bike for a surprise visit to my girlfriends parents, as Amalie was staying there that night. This meant getting to them before it got dark, chasing the sunset across Fyn. I got there 20 minutes before the sun was setting and it got dark. A very nice and beautiful bike trip!

Kystleden Half Marathon


Maybe the funnest and most challenging race I have done this year was the Kystleden Half Marathon in Norway. Although over half of the race was on asphalt, the forest, beaches and cobble stones was a huge challenge, not even mentioning the constant head wind.
This picture was taken by Amalie, with my childhood friend Lars Petter and I competing to see who could best each other throughout the entire race.

A trip with two faces

One of my very close friends played a volleyball tournament in Kerteminde and I decided to bike the 20k northeast in order to watch some games. I knew there was a chance for rain, but I didn't know that a thunderstorm was brewing. My trip to Kerteminde was against the clock with a thunderstorm in my heels, once I got to the tournament it was delayed because of all the lightning strikes in the surrounding area.
The rain stopped about 20 minutes after I arrived, and paved way to magnificent weather for my trip back to Odense.

Fresh water swimming

Many triathletes from Odense travel the short trip to Davinde Sø to swim. This is a freshwater lake that is exceptional for training. This picture is from my first time there, with my study and swim buddy Lars.

Visiting home

There is nothing better than visiting the place I grew up. It is the most beautiful place on earth, and I every moment being home is therapeutic and calming. Both these shots were taken the same day during a mountain run. 

Choppy waters

Before heading over to San Francisco I decided to train in choppy waters at Føns beach. Amalie and I went there on a beautiful evening and I got a couple of laps in, but the water was too choppy for long distance swimming! Turned out I didn't need to train swimming for Alcatraz at all...

The view on top of Silicon Valley

One of the early days on our trip to California was spent walking and running in Santa Teresa County Park. I also made a short Vlog from that day on top of Mount Coyote. 

Beautiful Yosemite Valley

Probably one of the most memorable small trips we had this year was our trip to Yosemite Valley. It was absolutely stunning, and extra special as I got to share it with Amalie. I love this picture of us at the Vernal fall. Check out the Vlog below for a more detailed look at our day in the beautiful national park.