Thumbs up extravaganza! Great run to Besser Rev.

In the morning before the wedding on Saturday I managed to convince my girlfriend to check out this reef that goes out towards the ocean on the island Samsø. She joined in for the trip, and ran with me for a short while, before returning to do some last minute toastmaster stuff before the wedding.

Photoshoot with Amalie. iPhone 6

Photoshoot with Amalie. iPhone 6

The plan was for me to run outwards, and then bring my camera. Amalie would take a few shots of me running out there, but when we finally found the spot to shoot we realized that the memory card was back home in Odense. That meant we had to take sport shots on a cloudy day with the iPhone. They turned out great, but the action couldn't be frozen in the way I wanted it.

Anyway, I continued to run and brought my GoPro with me in case I wanted to make a video. After a day of editing the video is finally ready. It got to my attention that I liked this trip so much that I constantly gave a thumbs up, and that's why I wanted to share the experience.

After she had turned around.  Selfie time. iPhone 6

The reason this run was such a cool experience was the type of scenery I ran through. I have never really seen nature like this earlier in my life. I ran along a reef which is submerged in water only at high tide and that stretched outwards and gave new things to look at around every corner. The ground was at times totally horrific to run on, with soft sands and pebbles that rolled everywhere, but sometimes I got to small islands that gave me solid ground. 

At the end of the reef i came to a place where they placed canons in earlier wars. The canon was gone now, but the hills surrounding the spot gave a very nice view. It was such an epic experience and something I needed to share with all of you. I hope you enjoyed it!