Lillebælt Half Marathon

I'll be participating in the Lillebælt Half Marathon the 5th of May, and on that day I would like to encourage people to help me run faster for CHARITY! 

What this means is that you can give me motivation by donating at intervals. I'll be able to collect more money the faster I run. If you donate $1 for every interval below it means you will donate $5 dollars total if I can run faster than 1:25:00. This way you can encourage me to train harder and run faster for a good cause.

A big thanks to Mizuno Denmark for signing me up the race and helping me run as fast a possible with some awesome shoes!


Possible donations so far: $357 (3rd May)


This race is dedicated to the Children's Heart Fund here in Denmark. The money they get will be used for three different things.

  • Research into congenital heart disease.
  • Helping the families that are affected by this disease.
  • Spread awareness. 

I find this to be an amazing thing to collect money for and hope you will as well. No donation is too small, so please consider motivating me to run faster!


The form below is not legally binding, but I hope you'll honor your commitment if you decide to fill it out and help me raise money for a worthy cause. Those who do will be participating in the contest to win awesome running gear from Ronhill.

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